wah, sangat lama tak menjenguk blog ini. rasanya sangat rusty dan berhabuk. entah kenapa harini, sambil2 tunggu nasihah bangun, rasa nak menulis sepatah dua.

Now Nasihah is 7 months ++, and she got 1 tooth, and she can crawl now, although not very far away, but yes, crawling and doing all those cute stunt I never thought she would do ^_^. haha mother’s amazement. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me everything I need, not everything I want.. alhamdulillah.. now I’m in my final year of Medicine. It felt just like yesterday when I left Nasihah with Babah almost everyday to go out and study and when at night, Neksah came by and we study again while playing with Nasihah.. just like yesterday.. but Allah has granted our du’a, I don’t know what else to ask apart from Allah’s paradise along with my hubby and Nasihah.. may Allah grant this wish.. amiin.. but paradise, comes with all the price.. remember to pay before you enter, not once broken consider sold!

Now being a housewife for almost 3 weeks ( i think), feel like a pro! haha, joking. not close. but alhamdulillah.. still learning. I guess this would be a part of tarbiyyah, where I learn to manage all those free time.( Free? think twice my dear).

Ok time to get back to work. Hope Allah make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today, amiin.

-ummu Nasihah-