Planning ahead ^_^

Tonight I decided to read a bit about plan for our baby. Alhamdulillah both of us are so excited and can’t wait for our future daie to be born, insyaAllah.

1. planning for nursery:

· choosing a cot –

o safety check

o Ensure mattress fits the cot snugly

o Check spaces between bars, and check for wear and tears.

o Make sure the sides are high enough

o Remove soft, fluffy items such as pillows, cushions, toys, quilts – can lead to suffocation.

· DON’T :

o Position cot near windows, heaters or power points.

o Use electric blankets or hot water bottles.

o Use U or V shape pillows – best if no pillows.

2. Baby clothes:

· WINTER baby ^_^

o 4-6 singlets.

o 1-2 bath towels.

o Several washers.

o 4-6 winter-weight all-in-ones

o 4 cardigans

o 4 pairs of woolen socks/booties.

o One woolen hat, or 2/3 beanies

o One oversuit

o ½ sleepsuits

o 4-6 bunny rugs

· Guide for clothing:

0000 — Newborns birth to three months – roughly, but sometimes just up to 2 months (60days).
000 — Babies three months to six months
00 — Babies six months to nine months
0 — Babies nine months to 12 months
1 — Babies 12 months+

3. My Baby wishlists:

· Baby play mat

· Baby stroller/pram

· Baby car seat/capsules

· wipes

· nappies- 1 box NB, 3boxes infants… etc

· thermometer

· baby bather

· baby toys/soft books

· winter suits- all in ones/rompers

· baby lotions

· first aid kit

· nappy bucket/nappy stacker

· sudocream

· singlets -3

· cardigans

. baby drawers/wardrobe

. electric breast pump

Ok tuh je stakat ni, next, I’ll talk a bit about labour and birth and maybe about child developments. Smoga Allah mudahkan urusan, amiin.


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